pearOS NiceC0re

A new design, a new base, a new experience

Introducing NiceC0re

The kernel that is uses is the latest Linux Kernel Read more


Get your PC a fresh look

With a new UI, and Kvantum themes, this OS will greet you with the latest Sweet Mars UI. Read more about Sweet Mars UI here. The new Icon Pack that pearOS uses is something fresh, different from what you probably seen. Based on Bubble Dark. Read more about pearOS Icons here.

Compatible. Flexible. Accessible.

pearOS is compatible with a lot of devices. Anything that can run Windows 7 with Aero enabled, can run pearOS. pearOS is also f l e x i b l e which means it can be modified and customized as you like. About the accessibility of the pearOS, it is pretty cheap, it's price being $0.00! Download it for free now.

Laptop uwu
Laptop running pearOS Catalina

Easy to use

It contains everything you would need for daily use (i.e. internet browsing, social media, email) without the need of the Terminal. If you want Office applications you can find Libre Office in the Software applications, for free.

Your data belongs to you.

pearOS does not use trackers, "anonymous feedback" or other "data collecting" stuff to deliver the experience you want to get. All the feedback is given on pearOS Discord server or on reddit r/pearos.

Laptop running pearOS Catalina

The power to do anything.

As a base, it may be suprising, but it uses Arch Linux. with pearOS's own version control. You will get a super lightweight experience with no bloatware

Laptop running pearOS Catalina

Speedy on computers, old & new.

The new pearOS uses Arch Linux as a base. It can run on both modern and legacy hardware, with some limmitations(see System Requirements)

Laptop running pearOS Catalina

Minimum system requirements

Find the right Pearbook for you

PearBooks are based on clevo laptops, with stunning RGB keyboard powered by the Cyrex RGB control center for controlling the Keyboard lights. More of it coming soon.

Make your computer better with pearOS.

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